Healthtech PCB Solutions from American Circuits

As advancements in medical diagnostic and life-saving medical equipment continue to support longevity, American Circuits plays a pivotal role in supporting Healthtech with turnkey HealthTech PCB Solutions in design and delivery.

The new Healthtech industry delivers medical equipment and devices where critical components must be fabricated and assembled to exacting standards. Medical device manufacturers require a confidential, trusted, experience CEM partner to provide up-to-date and on spec circuit board delivery. This is where American Circuits shines with its HealthTech PCB engineering team. 
American Circuits has a long history in supporting the needs of electronics manufacturers to the medical and health tech industries. Our know how and committed to providing PCBs that meet the growing needs of new players and innovations in equipment is second to none.

Healthtech Printed Circuit Boards for Multiple Medical Diagnostic Device Applications


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HealthTech Specific Circuit Board Assemblies

Monitoring devices

Healtech PCB for Heartrate monitoring devices by American Circuits
In person patient and remote monitoring devices are changing the way medical treatments are delivered. With the ability of these devices to give critical health information on point, patients and medical professionals can deliver treatment immediately. These devices run on specific standards and those must work in tandem with electronic circuit boards.
At American Circuits we deliver Healthtech PCB Solutions based on custom specifications and in support of our electronics manufacturing customer team.
We make PCBs which power Continuous Glucose Monitors; Blood Pressure Monitors; Heart Rate Monitors; Anticoagulation Testing Devices; Electrocardiography (ECG) Devices; Maternity Care Monitoring Devices; Medical Alert Systems Pediatric Monitoring Devices; Pulse Oximeters Medication Monitoring Devices & Smart Scales.

Healthcare devices

In the overall category of healthcare devices, electronic boards play a huge role in a number of areas. The medical device industry is vast and each healthcare device type has unique specifications and needs for powering and supporting these systems. The American Circuits healthtech PCB engineering team has experience supporting the design and delivery of medical devices including:
  • Implantable (i.e. hip prothesis, pacemakers) 
  • Imaging (i.e. ultrasound and CT scanners)
  • Medical equipment (i.e. anesthesia machines, patient monitors, hemodialysis machines)
  • Software (i.e. computer aided diagnostics)
  • In vitro diagnostics (i.e. glucometer, HIV tests) 
  • General Treatment Devices
We are focused on partnering with electronics manufacturers of these devices that deliver consistently to support the needs of hospitals, clinics and doctors who need to administer without delay in every medical situation.
HealthTech PCB Solutions from American Circuits

Diagnostic devices

We understand the importance of advanced technology and usage at the diagnostic level in medical care. Innovations in this category have seen the highest rise in the healthtech industry, which has resulted in overall improved care and early detection of illnesses and disease states. Due to the remote power of these devices as well, the electronic assemblies that power these units, both for emergency delivery, stayed hospital and in-home treatments has risen. 
In that the scale of what is required from a PCB unit and configuration perspective is massive in this category, American Circuits has expanded its facilities and Healthtech PCB design teams to support the varying needs of solutions. 
American Circuits Healthtech PCBs have supported a myriad of medical device electronic manufacturing customers across Radiology diagnostic equipment , Tissue diagnostic equipment & Self-diagnostic equipment.

American Circuits PCB Products and Services for Healthtech Electronics Manufacturers

We provided full Healthtech Printed Circuit Board Assembly Solutions for all electronics manufacturing needs:
Printed Circuit Boards
We provide Healthtech PCBs for virtual every need including Single-side Boards, Double-sided Boards, Multi-layered Boards,F lexible Circuit Boards,
PCB Design 
We design from Prototyping to Reverse Engineering and all custom engineering design of healthtech required printed circuit boards.
PCB Assembly
We offer full Healthtech PCB assembly solutions from Surface Mount Board assembly and Thru-Hole Board assembly to Mixed Technology.
Wire Harness & Cable Assembly
American Circuits manufactures custom electronic cable assemblies and wire harnesses for a variety of applications in the medical devices.
Electro-Mechanical Assembly 
We provide full Electro-Mechanical assembly services including board mounting, wire harness mounting, enclosures, pneumatics, hydraulics, actuators, sensors, switches, lights, even optics for Healthtech device electric components, to ensure full delivery and activation is implemented.
Kitting Services 
We access to parts that others don’t to ensure your full Healthtech PCB assembly meets are met on time.
Testing Services 
From Bareboard Electrical Testing to Finished Assembly Testing, we are a full-service Healthtech PCB testing center based in Charlotte. And we are flexible, from testing with customer instructions to the provision of fixtures to product delivery, we support all testing needs. 

Ready to Talk to Our Healthtech PCB Solutions Engineering Team?

The American Circuits Engineering team is ready to assist. Get an initial free consultation on how we can safely, securely and confidentially support any of your Healthtech PCB or electronics assembly needs.
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