American Circuits is a leading electronic contract manufacturing company supplying quality electronic parts, products, and engineering services to over 200 companies that serve end markets in numerous sectors. With our resources and in-house capabilities, we can produce outcomes that will reach customer success.

We have been serving industries with excellent solutions, such as PCB assembly, manufacturing, designing, and more. These are integral to our service offering, enabling us to provide companies with the highest quality products. Our experienced team is knowledgeable in all areas of electronics, including design, development, testing, and more.

Industries Served

We aim to ensure our services and products meet your industry’s specifications and requirements. We are committed to providing exceptional services tailored to exceed the needs of each customer.


Modern healthcare requires PCB assembly services for electronics and related technology. These are used for medical equipment and devices where critical components must be fabricated and assembled to exacting standards. We provide turnkey PCB manufacturing and more.

Medical devices that require PCBs:

  • Monitoring devices
  • Healthcare devices
  • Treatment devices
  • Diagnostic devices

To learn more about our specific products and teams for Healthcare and Healthtech visit Healthtech PCB Solutions 


We’re a reliable electronics contract manufacturer that also serves the defense sector. Its demanding nature forces us to design and develop reliable, precise, and robust results. We have a team of engineers who specialize in defense electronics and can provide high-quality production services for military applications.

Defense systems that require PCBs:

  • Command and control systems
  • Integrated air defense systems
  • Cyber counterintelligence systems
  • Auxiliary power units
  • Signal sensors
  • Electronic warfare systems

To learn more about our specific products and teams for Military Electronics Manufacturing providers visit Military PCB Solutions.

Our turnkey PCB assembly services also serve the manufacturing industry. It encompasses various electronic components, including circuit boards and other essential products for modern production. We provide manufacturing solutions based on our customers’ needs so they take advantage of the best possible outcomes available.

Manufacturing applications that require PCBs:

  • Robotics systems
  • Automated machines
  • 3D Printing devices


The energy industry also has high standards for the equipment they use. As a contract electronics manufacturing company, we can design, develop, and assemble printed circuit boards that are ideal for operations in this industry. Considering your specifications, we can produce a PCB that will meet your needs.

Energy systems that require PCBs:

  • Generators
  • Thermal energy control systems
  • Solar panels and inverters
  • Power distribution modules

Transportation & Logistics

Transportation and logistics oversee the movements of goods from one place to another. It’s a broad spectrum where digital transformation is ushered in to improve their operations. In times like these, our turnkey PCB assembly services are the ideal option to support this transformation, especially high-performance PCBs.

Transportation and logistics applications that require PCBs:

  • Conveyance robots
  • Sorters
  • Picking systems
  • Tracking tools

To learn more about our specific products and teams for Transportation and Logistics Electronics Manufacturers visit Transportation PCB Solutions.

Financial Services

The financial sector comprises firms and businesses that are considered the economy’s foundation. It includes banks, real estate firms, insurance companies, and more. These require our turnkey PCB services for various operations, such as different banking systems, digital signages, external financial devices, and more.

Financial services applications that require PCBs:

  • ATMs
  • Financial transaction
  • Payment processing systems
  • Portable EFTPOS terminals

Food & Agriculture

We also provide our PCB assembly services to the food and agriculture industry, which is also leading the way in terms of utilizing technology for its diverse operations. It’s also a reliable option for the food and agricultural sector to speed up their processes, keep costs down, and reduce waste.

Food and agriculture applications that require the use of PCBs:

  • Wireless sensors
  • Robots for planting and harvesting
  • Automated animal tracking systems
  • Smart irrigation systems.

Water & Wastewater Management

The water and wastewater management industry also uses PCBs for various operations. In this industry, there’s a need for reliable and resilient printed circuit boards capable of withstanding harsh environments and different weather conditions. And with our outstanding services, we’re able to fulfill various PCB requirements that you may have to improve your projects efficiently.

Water and wastewater management applications that use PCBs:

  • Water treatment systems
  • Ozone disinfection systems
  • Pump controls and monitoring units
  • Ultrasonic water level sensors.

Public Works

Another broad industry that comprises different infrastructure projects is public works. It refers to projects financed and regulated by the government for public use. It may be recreational, employment, health, and safety. It touches multiple facets, and using PCBs makes it easier for operations to be done efficiently.

Public works applications that use PCBs:

  • Traffic control systems
  • Building security systems
  • Fire alarms
  • Audio and video broadcasting systems


A popular lighting technology is LED or light-emitting diodes. It’s widely used for commercial and residential use, which is why there’s a high demand for it. Many other industries rely on it, too, such as the automotive industry, aerospace, and computer technology sectors.

Applications of LEDs that require PCBs:

  • Residential lighting
  • Computer displaces
  • Dashboard indicators
  • Storefront lighting
  • Computer displays

The modern world is full of various industries that depend on PCBs for their operations, and our unique services are the backbone for sectors that require quality products that rely on it.

Custom PCB Assembly Services from American Circuits

American Circuits is one of the leading electronic contract manufacturing companies where turnkey PCB and bare board fabrication are our specialties. Not all companies can do both, but we have expert technicians and assemblers who can do the job with precision and accuracy.

We can finish boards and products at remarkable speed, making us a top choice for many sectors looking to get their products with a shorter lead time. With our specialized services, we have become a successful and trusted manufacturer of printed circuit boards.

We specialize in PCB design, PCB assembly, reverse engineering, wire harness and cable assembly, kitting, testing, and electro-mechanical assembly. Through these services, we’re a one-stop shop for all PCB-related needs.

Different Printed Circuit Boards for Different Needs

We can produce single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer, flexible, rigid, and exotic boards. So no matter what you’re looking for, we can deliver outcomes that will ensure your projects and operations are running smoothly.

Double-sided boards are commonly used in many industries today, but we have the experience and necessary skills to achieve your desired goals. You can also bring your schematics to us, and we can design and fabricate them with products we can procure from our partners and contacts.

With the numerous industries we have served, we have gained an in-depth knowledge of what each of our clients needs and wants. Furthermore, our services are RoHS and lead-free compliant, ensuring that all products we deliver are of excellent quality.

Work with American Circuits for All Your Industry’s PCB Needs

We understand that not all industries work the same, so we made sure to have background and knowledge of the systems the different sectors are working with. It allows us to make necessary changes and adapt to them as needed, which is why many of our clients always choose us.

So if you’re looking for an electronic manufacturing company, we’re the one you should come to. Through our offerings, you can experience the benefits of using quality PCBs capable of withstanding harsh environments and different weather conditions.

We take pride in our expertise and attention to detail, and you can never go wrong with choosing a company that puts our best interests first. So work with us today and request a quote, so we can find a solution that works.