Military PCB Solutions

American Circuits delivers Military-grade, secure, high-performance, tested electronics assemblies

American Circuits is a U.S. based Contract Electronics Manufacturing leader in the design and assemblies of Military PCB Solutions. Our engineering team has a combined 70 years of experience in designing, prototyping, testing and custom delivery of electronic circuit boards used to arm the most critical Defense category sensors and systems. 
The Military’s demanding nature forces us to design and develop reliable, precise, and robust results. Our team of engineers specialize in defense electronics and provide high-quality production services for military applications.

Military Printed Circuit Boards for Multiple Defense System Applications


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Military Specific Circuit Board Assemblies

Command and Control Systems

The Military utilizes systems to control diverse areas such as air traffic, coordination of supporting arms and the fire control of a weapons system. These require complex and carefully designed circuit boards and components. American Circuits as a Contract Manufacturer to Military OEMs has deep knowledge and experience in supporting the Defense Industry by meeting the exact specifications of their electronics requirements, for any number of applications, in spec and on time.
Military PCB Solutions for Military Control Systems

Integrated air defense systems

With increasing risk of potential attacks by both traditional means such as land, sea, and air, as well as new threats via space, cyberspace, and across the electromagnetic spectrum, the U.S. Military continues to stay ahead of the world with its investments in advanced controls and systems. The area of IADS has expanded, with new calls for cutting-edge technology to power and sustain additional layers of computer systems and devices.
This requires U.S. military mission planners and intelligence support personnel to continually review and upgrade their Military systems , machines and equipment that require electronics. Our Military Design team collaborates with the defense system designers to ensure that any new weapons development needs meet the exact specifications required in changed environments.  T
his includes such areas as Air Surveillance, Battle Management and Weapons Control. As IADs continue to evolve, the contractors supplying the U.S. Military with electronics  will require a local, well equipped, scaleable engineering and manufacturing partner. American Circuits is here to serve.
Military PCB Solutions for IADS

Cyber counterintelligence systems

With cyber threats at an all time high, taking a proactive intentional approach against multiple types of attacks is a daily activity within the U.S. Military. Computer and technology based attacks require well equipped electronic defensive circuitry to run related signals, systems and controls. 
Offensive cyber counterintelligence strategies requiring special security machines and devices to trap attackers need custom circuit board assemblies manufactured in time based on protocols and events. In this, American Circuits has a ready-to-go team to assist. Further, with the complexities in more defensive CCI such as Penetration Testing, AC engineering teams can be paired with Military intelligence security officers to meticulously draw out conclusions and arm proper cyber counterintelligence strategies. As a dual effort to protect the U.S. people and confidential data, it is never to soon to prepare a CCI plan. American Circuits is ready to help electronic manufacturing teams which support IADs.
Military PCB Solutions for Cyber Counterintelligence systems

Auxillary Power Units

Enabling secondary power units in attack situations for U.S. Military air, land and sea operations require advanced circuitry to support such Auxillary power units. These circuit boards need to take into account any changes in specs as machinery advances to meet the growing needs of  the Military to have vehicles powered for longer periods of time. American Circuits specializes in designing and assembling circuit boards to meet the exact specifications and output needs required in these situations.
Military PCB Solutions for Auxiliary Power Units for the Military

Signal sensors

Our reliable, powerful, durable electronic circuit assemblies support a myriad of signal sensors used in both offensive and defensive military situations. We support legacy systems and new innovations in signal sensors for all military communications, surveillance,  transportation and active counterattack machines.  
Our circuit boards are used across sensors and systems including:
Active sensors, Wearable sensors, Smart sensors, Nanosensors, Camera sensors, Infrared sensors & Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)
American Circuits and our knowledgeable staff  are committed to supporting the U.S. military electronic manufacturers’ needs in a rapidly changing environment of defense systems, satellites and battleground logistics.

Electronic Warfare Systems

Electronic Warfare technology continues to advance out of necessity as potential threats now come from a multiple of areas based on manipulation and use of the full electromagnetic (EM) spectrum – radio waves, microwaves, millimeter waves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet light, and gamma rays – and cyber effects, to execute military or intelligence missions.
EW systems, that detect threats long before they are seen are critical for military defense success. Electronics Manufacturers of Electronic Warfare Systems require custom electronic circuit board designs complete with the most advanced technological components to meet the new standards of Military machines, signals and sensors that support operations in air, sea, land and space theaters. American Circuits, with expanded facilities harnessing the most up to date technological electronic assembly equipment and a Military PCB engineering team with over 40 years of combined experience is ready to support you.

American Circuits PCB Products and Services for Military Electronics Manufacturers

We provided full Military Printed Circuit Board Assembly Solutions for all electronics manufacturing needs:
Printed Circuit Boards
We provide Military PCBs for virtual every need including Single-side Boards, Double-sided Boards, Multi-layered Boards,Flexible Circuit Boards,
PCB Design 
We design from Prototyping to Reverse Engineering and all custom engineering design of Military electronics required printed circuit boards.
PCB Assembly
We offer full Military PCB assembly solutions from Surface Mount Board assembly and Thru-Hole Board assembly to Mixed Technology.
Wire Harness & Cable Assembly
American Circuits manufactures custom electronic cable assemblies and wire harnesses for a variety of applications in the military.
Electro-Mechanical Assembly 
We provide full Electro-Mechanical assembly services including board mounting, wire harness mounting, enclosures, pneumatics, hydraulics, actuators, sensors, switches, lights, even optics for Military machine electric components, to ensure full delivery and activation is implemented.
Kitting Services 
We access to parts that others don’t to ensure your full Military PCB assembly meets are met on time.
Testing Services 
From Bareboard Electrical Testing to Finished Assembly Testing, we are a full-service Military PCB testing center based in Charlotte. And we are flexible, from testing with customer instructions to the provision of fixtures to product delivery, we support all testing needs. 

Ready to Talk to Our Military PCB Solutions Engineering Team?

The American Circuits Engineering team is ready to assist. Get an initial free consultation on how we can safely, securely and confidentially support any of your Military PCB or electronics assembly needs.
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