American Circuits provides exceptional assembly services, and one of our primary offerings is electro mechanical assembly for printed circuit boards. We perform our operations in our facilities using cutting-edge equipment and state-of-the-art technology. That’s why we understand the importance of finding electromechanical assembly services you can trust.

Printed circuit boards are used in different industries, and the electrical and mechanical components are essential to ensure they do their job. We have the expertise and skills to assemble them to your specifications and requirements.

What is Electro Mechanical Assembly?

Electro mechanical assembly refers to any assemblies that consist of electrical and mechanical components, parts, or subassemblies. In this case, printed circuit boards require electro mechanical assemblies to ensure that they perform their specific functions. Therefore, it will depend on the application of the final product.

Only skilled electromechanical equipment assemblers can make these since the blueprints are complex. But since we’ve been doing this for many years, rest assured that you’re working with experts that you can trust. In addition, we’re fully equipped to handle any assembly and solve any problems if they arise.

Services that we offer in electro mechanical assemblies:

  • Wire harness mounting
  • Pneumatics
  • Enclosures
  • Board mounting
  • Sensors
  • Switches
  • Optics
  • Lights
  • Hydraulics
  • Actuators

Precision is vital in these types of assemblies. These are very challenging, and only expert technicians and assemblers can successfully perform these assemblies since the components are very delicate. The assemblies are also done manually. That’s why the turnarounds can be lengthy.

Common Applications of Electro Mechanical Assemblies

Numerous industries use printed circuit boards for a variety of applications. Therefore, you can find them on multiple electrical or mechanical devices.

Medical Industry

One of the most critical industries is the healthcare sector, which utilizes numerous medical devices. Therefore, electro mechanical assemblies are used as the growing need for PCBs increases yearly, especially since this type of technology is essential due to its widespread capabilities.


The aerospace industry is very demanding, requiring only industrial standard assemblies. But high precision, reliability, and quality assurance are needed. Moreover, custom applications are implemented to meet exact preferences and specifications.


Durability is a vital aspect of the automotive industry. Fortunately, we have components and parts that our expert assemblers can handle with extreme caution to ensure high durability. At the same time, these must withstand harsh environments and constant usage.


Electro mechanical assemblies for the military and defense industry must be compact. Additionally, these are equipped with specific features, such as providing security and safety. And similar to the automotive industry, they must survive extreme conditions since they will constantly be exposed to these environments.

Safety & Security

PCBs are used in security systems, which are virtually everywhere – from commercial buildings, restaurants, residential units, and more. These are continuously operated, so they must be reliable and effective. Furthermore, they’re used in outdoor environments too. So they must withstand different environmental settings.


Electro mechanical assemblies for PCBs are also used in the telecommunication industries for consumer electronics and smartphones. These devices rely on PCBs to work and function according to their intended purpose.

Rely On American Circuits to Perform Electro Mechanical Assemblies Successfully

If you’re searching for highly skilled technicians who can perform electro mechanical assemblies without error, trust American Circuits. It’s one of our primary services, and we have years of combined skills and expertise in carefully assembling electrical and mechanical parts with extreme precision and accuracy.

So if you have any questions or special requests, contact us today. We’re here to provide you with a solution to your problems regarding assemblies and PCBs. Request a quote so we can start working on your project.