American Circuits is a procurement business providing outstanding kitting services to our clients in numerous industries. We have established relationships with the most reputable manufacturers to procure our kits’ necessary parts and components. These are ready to be assembled by your team to create your printed circuit boards.

We have been in the business for 19 years, which means we can exceed your needs. In addition, we have access to inventories that many other companies don’t have. So you can order your products through us at a very reasonable and cost-effective cost without breaking the bank.

Kitting Service from American Circuits

Apart from designing, engineering, and assembling printed circuit boards, we also support companies who want to assemble their own. However, even with the equipment and human resources, you still need the parts and components required to build your boards. Fortunately, our kitting services can help you with that.

Kitting means gathering different products, parts, or components into one collection. And they’re sold as a set. In this case, we specialize in delivering you the PCB kit you want. It is an excellent option because various industries or PCB retailers can do more with the items in their inventory.

Benefits of PCB Kitting

Printed circuit boards require various electrical parts, which only a highly skilled technician can assemble. For instance, electro-mechanical assembly refers to a printed circuit board’s electrical and mechanical components. So assemblers with high precision and accuracy are the only ones that can handle the operation. However, they also need quality parts to ensure efficiency.

Our kitting service is second to none, and retailers and companies who want to assemble their PCBs can take advantage of it. It allows you to streamline your operations while the production process is sped up. Overall, it helps your business grow since your team focuses on the assembly rather than looking for parts and components.

Other benefits of kitting:

  • Reduce manufacturing errors: With components already in one set, manufacturing errors and mistakes are reduced. It also eliminates the need to search for different parts. 
  • Cost savings: You can save money on your production by avoiding multiple orders and delivery fees. 
  • Prevent holding the production line: Since the electrical components you need are sent at once, you won’t have to worry about finding shortages later in the production line. 
  • Improve efficiency: In the specialization aspect, your worker efficiency and effectiveness are increased, and your production time is shortened so that you can save time.

Trustworthy Kitting Service for Your Printed Circuit Boards

We understand that you only want what’s best for your company. You want to become a trusted source of printed circuit boards without risking the quality. At the same time, saving as much as possible is essential to increase profits. So that’s what we offer to our clients from different industries.

We check each part to ensure that you receive the correct orders. Plus, we check that each size, value, and part number are authentic. Rest assured that each label is clear and our counts are accurate to prevent any issues in the future. And so you can get on with your assemblies immediately.

So reduce the headaches you experience regarding acquiring parts for your PCBs and let us do the work for you.

Experience Quality Kitting Service from American Circuits

American Circuits is a reliable procurement service provider with access to the parts needed to assemble printed circuit boards. We have a long list of products from manufacturers that also come with a pricing list.

If you require any help, don’t hesitate to contact us and request a quote today. We can get the parts and components you’re looking for to ensure you build the PCBs you need for your projects.