American Circuits is a premier provider of PCB assembly services for various industries used in numerous applications. Our in-house capabilities and years of experience in printed circuit boards enable us to assemble your PCB with high precision and speed. We offer a wide range of assembly services, including SMT, thru-hole, and mixed technology, to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Since we work with manufacturers over-seas, we can also procure the parts for you with your specifications and requirements. But we can also assemble PCBs using the kits provided to us. We have state-of-the-art equipment and tools, which are constantly monitored and maintained to ensure the highest quality assembly process.

Premier PCB Assembly Services

We’re a PCB assembly manufacturer with several assembly methods to achieve your desired printed circuit boards. Our exceptionally skilled PCB assemblers do these with years of experience.

Our various PCB assembly services are as follows:

Surface Mount Board Assembly

Also known as SMT assembly, is when the components are mounted directly on the surface of the printed circuit boards. It’s also an alternative to thru-hole assembly due to its few limitations. The entire process is completely automated. But it undergoes stringent quality control by our staff to ensure that each part works accordingly before final inspection.

Other benefits of Surface Mount Board assembly:

  • Affordable: Fewer holes are drilled, which reduces overall manufacturing costs.
  • Efficient: Spaces of the circuit board are used efficiently.
  • Simple: The overall makeup of SMT is far less complex.
  • Automated: Complete automation means less error.

Through Hole Board Assembly

Before Surface Mount Technology became popular, Through Hole Board Assembly was the primary method of adding the components to a printed circuit board. Before we assemble, we ensure the boards are kitted to ensure all parts and components are accounted for. After that, these components are mounted on the board by inserting the terminals through the holes.

Although it can’t be used in multi-layer PCBs, Through Hole still has advantages:

  • Reliability: Components mounted using this method can withstand high stresses since the leads go through the drilled holes before soldering.
  • Adjustable: Defective parts can be easily changed or adjusted.

Mixed Technology Board Assembly

Mixed Technology Board Assembly is when SMT and THT technologies are combined. However, Surface Mount Technology is done first, followed by Through Hole Assembly. Mixed Technology is utilized, especially for components that are not suitable for an SMT assembly. Surface Mount Technology and Through Hole assemblies are combined in times like these.

Other advantages of Mixed Technology Board Assembly:

  • Highly Reliable: It improves the reliability of the PCB since it combines the advantage of SMT and THT assemblies.
  • Durable: With SMT and THT combined, its stress tolerance is increased.
  • More Selection: Since some parts are only available for THT technologies and SMT assemblies, Mixed Technology allows for more component and parts selection.

Applications of Our Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

There are various applications that our PCB services offer. Each of the assembly methods above is used for specific purposes only. So you must understand which type of assembly is suited for your project. 

SMT Board Assembly Applications:

  • Industrial control systems
  • Smartphones
  • Medical devices
  • Aerospace and defense systems

THT Board Assembly Applications:

  • Transformers
  • Semiconductors
  • Plug connectors

Mixed Technology Board Assembly Applications:

  • Sensor boards
  • Server boards
  • Smartphone accessories
  • CPUs

Choose a Reliable Assembler for Your PCB Needs

We’re your one-stop shop for all things PCB board assembly manufacturing related. So if your next project requires printed circuit boards assembled in either SMT, THT, or Mixed Technology, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

You may request a quote, especially for large-scale orders, and we guarantee you quality services and products. So choose us for your PCB board assembly needs today.