American Circuits offers full-service PCB reverse engineering services to various industries using printed circuit boards for their projects. We can completely reverse engineer it through our in-house capabilities and years of experience handling PCBs. In addition, we have the technology and equipment to achieve quality results that will exceed your expectations.

Through our team of engineers and technicians, our PCB reverse engineering process is unique and straightforward. So rest assured that we can produce exceptional outcomes with the samples you bring us. Plus, we can quickly determine the product and how to duplicate it.

PCB Reverse Engineering For Your Board

We’re a reliable PCB reverse engineering company that can clone a sample of a printed circuit board you require for your various operations or projects. And with the use of our cutting-edge technology, we’ll start by identifying the multiple parts of the board. After that, we’ll create a list of the board’s components, known as the bill of material.

Our reverse engineering PCB board process:

  • We photograph each part of the board carefully and completely to ensure we can duplicate a replica. 
  • We blow up and mount a photocopy of the PCB. 
  • We remove and attach the parts of the PCB to their correct position on the photocopy. 
  • We clarify the rough bill of material and measure its capacitors, resistors, etc. 
  • Once the bill of material is done, we procure the rest of the materials as best as possible from trustworthy manufacturers. 
  • We scan the board using a scanner to recreate its trace pattern. 
  • Manufacturing of new boards begins and is sent to the customer to ensure they function correctly. 
  • Once the customer sends the go-signal, It’s now the golden board from which others are duplicated.

Benefits of Reverse Engineering for PCB

When we reverse engineer PCBs, we help our customers achieve many things for their businesses to grow. For instance, they can analyze their competitors’ products and understand what makes them unique and stand out. But apart from examining the PCB to gain a competitive advantage, there are many other benefits that you might take advantage of as well.

Unique advantages of PCB reverse engineering:

  • Improve your PCB offerings: By determining the printed circuit board’s design and structure, we can help you improve your products if required. Plus, you can spot any security issues, poor designs, and obsolete parts. 
  • Keep up with the latest trends: Reverse engineering allows you to apply the unique functions of the sample to your products without wasting time while ensuring product quality is maintained. 
  • Reduce costs: By knowing the PCB’s parts, prices, and structure, you can purchase quality parts in bulk at a fraction of the original cost. 
  • Maintain competitiveness: With cloning technology becoming more advanced, it’s best to look for ways to remain competitive while enhancing your products.
  • Low price: Cloned PCBs are cost-effective, which allows you to create duplicates without breaking the bank. At the same time, the quality is the same.

Outstanding PCB Reverse Engineering from American Circuits

American Circuits provides reliable PCB reverse engineering services that enable us to fabricate the existing design data of a sample. In addition, we can also reverse engineer boards’ custom parts, programmed IPs, and even obsolete parts. So rest assured that we can deliver your desired results with little to no error.

Trust American Circuits to Reverse Engineer Printed Circuit Boards

With our exceptional team of engineers and technicians, we can completely reverse-engineer the printed circuit boards you want. After that, we can duplicate the board for your various applications or projects if needed.

So if you have further questions or concerns about our services, get in touch with us today. Or you may request a quote, and we can work on a solution and get started immediately.