American Circuits offers trustworthy testing services for different types of printed circuit boards. We have experts ready to provide a reliable PCB test to ensure that your boards are working correctly and up to the desired specifications. Our services include bare board electrical testing and finished assembly testing, designed to guarantee that your PCBs are built correctly.

We have the equipment and devices to conduct the PCB testing to the best of our abilities. Printed circuit boards are essential electronic circuits used in various applications. Its functionality and performance lie in its testing results. It’s why we operate with advanced testing protocols and techniques to ensure that all the test results are accurate and up to par with industry standards.

Reputable Testing Service from American Circuits

We’re composed of technicians and engineers with years of combined skills and experience in printed circuit boards. One person isn’t enough during testing, as human errors are to be expected. We utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure PCB testing is done appropriately and accurately.

These specialized tools are made to inspect and trace every segment of the board without missing a single part. It’s how we can determine if any faults could affect the performance of the printed circuit boards.

With our meticulousness plus the tools used to work on printed circuit boards, we can find the issue and propose the best solution. We value speedy results, so we can quickly and efficiently detect any problem that could arise in the PCBs testing.

Our Two Types of Testing Services

American Circuits offer two different types of testing services for printed circuit boards. These are bare board electrical testing and finished assembly testing. Each of these services has its advantages. 

More information about the testing services available:

Bare board electrical testing

Bare board electrical testing is when we test for opens or shorts while using every pad on the board. This type of PCB board testing is essential for boards with fine lines or multi-layer boards. Since even the keenest eye can miss the tiniest short or open in a board, we ensure our tools are handy. We utilize a testing machine to check every board segment in such cases.

With multi-layer boards, they can only be visually inspected before the lay-up of the board. But once it’s inside fiberglass, a machine can only do testing. And here at American Circuits, we test all multi-layer boards before shipping to ensure they work correctly.

Other benefits of bare board electrical test:

  • Streamlined production
  • Detect defects early
  • Cost and time saving
  • Resolve issues immediately

Finished assembly testing

In finished assembly testing, we use a test fixture to conduct actual performance testing on the printed circuit board, usually after the assembly. We can test on your boards while meeting your requirements. You can also provide us with a test fixture, instructions, and pass-or-fail criteria.

We can also build a new fixture according to your testing requirements. Proper integration and interaction are essential; we can do assembly testing if both factors are present.

Benefits of finished assembly testing:

  • Configuration verification
  • Minimal effort
  • Ensure accuracy
  • Guaranteed efficiency¬†

Work with American Circuits for the Best Testing Services

At American Circuits, you will find the best testing services that can improve your brand’s reputation while ensuring your PCBs are of high quality. With two different testing types available, you can find the best one according to your needs.

If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us! You may request a quote, and we can give you a free estimate of the service you want as a solution to your projects.