American Circuits is a leading wire harness and cable assembly manufacturers, providing high-quality products to many different industries. We manufacture wire harnesses and cable assembly products for different applications in our in-house facility using state-of-the-art equipment and tools.

Our experienced engineers and technicians do cable and wire harness assembly jobs according to your specifications and requirements. So we can produce a high-quality product that fits your budget. We provide our clients with the quality assurance that their products have been manufactured according to strict industry standards and regulations.

Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses from American Circuits

Custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses are used in some of the most demanding sectors, such as the aerospace, military, medical, telecommunications, consumer electronics, automotive, and data industries. So if you have complex geometric and electrical requests, we can handle them and ensure you receive your desired results.

However, it’s worth noting that wire harnesses and cable assemblies are different. Even though they’re often used interchangeably, both products are utilized for specific purposes.

Difference between cable assemblies and wire harnesses:

  • Environment: Wire harnesses and cable assemblies are found in various settings. Since wire harnesses provide minimal protection, these are mainly used indoors for an organization. So these aren’t ideal for harsh and extreme conditions. 

On the other hand, cable assemblies can guard the wires in extreme environments since they come equipped with additional protective materials. Plus, they can resist high temperatures, corrosion, and friction.

  • Physical features: Wire harnesses provide covers that encase single cables. Meanwhile, cable assemblies bundle multiple wires together using a single outer sleeve. So it appears as a single thick wire.
  • Applications: Wire harnesses are often used in households, such as computers, televisions, and other appliances. But cable assemblies are seen in heavy industries since they can withstand severe environmental conditions or extreme temperature changes.
  • Cost: Wire harnesses are cheaper than cable assemblies since they require fewer materials and effort. And since cable assemblies offer more protection, the price can be higher since more materials are used to manufacture them.

Benefits of Using Wire Harness & Cable Assemblies

American Circuits is one of the trusted cable assembly manufacturers that can accommodate small or large-scale orders and deliver them on time. Whether you require a specific size or amperage, we can produce them and ensure they work according to their particular applications.

Using these in your industry can provide a lot of benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • Improved safety: No matter where these are used, they raise the facility’s or space’s safety. So they’re not always affected by vibration and motion, which is common in high-traffic spaces as long as they’re kept in place and remain secure.
  • Customizable: Another benefit is that wire harnesses and cable assemblies are bespoke. These are designed according to the equipment’s requirements where they will be installed. A custom assembly and harness mean you can save space and avoid electrical issues.
  • High-quality: Wire harnesses and cable assemblies undergo stringent quality control and manufacturing process. Using a pre-programmed test board, they will only be sent to the customers if they’ve passed the quality control test.

Get Your Custom Wire Harness & Cable Assembly at American Circuits

American Circuits offer wire harness and cable harness assembly that are trustworthy and reliable. With our outstanding work ethic and years of being in the industry, we can consistently deliver quality outcomes. So if you need custom cable and wire harness assembly, we’re here to handle the workload.

So if you have any questions about our cable assembly, don’t hesitate to contact us or request a quote, and we can find the best solution for your industry needs.